Why link your website to your CRM

This post runs over why you would connect a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system ( such as Hubspot) to your website. Many CRMs now allow you to capture form data on your website and pull this into the CRM, this has the following benefits to you: store users information in your CRM be able to … Read more

How to engage your staff using your Intranet

In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for useful things to have on your intranet and how to use these to help engage your Employees, members or Volunteers. What are the benefits of engaged staff ? Happy workforce ( productive workforce, helps business be more profitable) Low Staff turnover ( saves money in recruitment … Read more

How to do Ajax in WordPress

updated 10th Jan 2018 Write a javascript function to trigger the ajax call jQuery(‘#button_or_something’).on(“click”, function() { jQuery.ajax({ url: ajax_object.ajax_url, data: { action: ‘like_or_not’, /* this is appended to add_action on server side */ id: ’99’ }, type: ‘GET’, success:function(response){ //alert(‘back from ajaxe ‘+response); /* if you want to update something based on the response text … Read more

Woocommerce – Converting grams to kilograms ( product weights)

If your using product weights in Woocommerce, you might find you want to change from grams to kilograms at some stage. There are 2 parts to this: Part 1: Firstly in wp-admin you need to change a setting on the Woocommerce (below). However this doesn’t automatically convert grams to kilograms. Part 2: Converting existing products … Read more