Language learning tools and developing my own WordPress Duolingo Quiz plugin

update Check out the language learning plugin here. I’ve being learning Spanish for the last year or so, and as well as attending classes, I’ve been using some of the interactive tools out there that I’ve found useful. I’ve talk about developing my own WordPress quiz plugin with app like / responsive Duolingo like features, … Read more

Buddypress – How to add group types

It can be useful to have group types sometimes for example, maybe a University might want to have 2 group types for staff and students. So they could have staff groups and student groups ( and a directory for each eg staff would list the staff groups and student groups would list the Student Groups … Read more

Why link your website to your CRM

This post runs over why you would connect a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system ( such as Hubspot) to your website. Many CRMs now allow you to capture form data on your website and pull this into the CRM, this has the following benefits to you: store users information in your CRM be able to … Read more

Buddypress how to sort Groups page alphabetically by default

In this short blog post I’ll run over how you can sort the Groups index page in Buddypress alphabetically by default (i.e. on first load of page they will be ordered by group name). Edit or override 2 of the Buddypress templates You’ll need these in your theme: wp-content/YOUR_THEMENAME/buddypress/groups/index.php and wp-content/YOUR_THEMENAME/buddypress/groups/groups-loop.php If these templates don’t … Read more