The Bromley in London Coworking group

This is page dedicated to the Bromley in London coworking group for freelancers, small business etc to come along and do some work in the company of other freelancers. I started this group as a way to get out of the house and do some work with other freelancers locally. update: June 2019 – There … Read more

Woocommerce – Converting grams to kilograms ( product weights)

If your using product weights in Woocommerce, you might find you want to change from grams to kilograms at some stage. There are 2 parts to this: Part 1: Firstly in wp-admin you need to change a setting on the Woocommerce (below). However this doesn’t automatically convert grams to kilograms. Part 2: Converting existing products … Read more

How to speed up Woocommerce (and WordPress)

  Speed tuning in WordPress and Woocommerce This post contains details of how to supercharge your WordPress website. Here are some speed tuning tips for getting your Woocommerce store loading quickly and keep customers on your site (slow loading = loss of customers). Check file load times In firebug look at the console requests (eg … Read more