Laravel how to set a checkbox value to checked based on models value

In this post I’ll show how to set a Laravel checkbox value to checked based on the value stored on the model. In this example I’ll be using the Laravel Collective Form checkbox {{ Form::checkbox(‘collected’ /* name */, “yes” /*value*/, old(‘collected’, $gas_cert->collected==”yes”?true:false ) /* true sets checked */ ) }} In the code example above … Read more

Create a portfolio section on WordPress website using Custom Post Type (CPT)

Screen Shot of portfolio section

I’m going to show you how to create a portfolio section on your WordPress website.

For any many companies (such as web design agencies) and freelancers that work with digital media its important to have a portfolio section on your WordPress website.

I’ll show you how todo this using WordPress Custom Post Types, you’ll easily be able to update the portfolio via the WordPress admin interface without having to write extra html or css.

As I’m a WordPress Developer my portfolio section will focus on showcasing WordPress programming and web design. See  the finished version here.

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