In WordPress Recent Posts Widget , only show posts tagged with the current page url

/******* filter posts by tag based on page url ***********/ add_filter(‘widget_posts_args’, ‘wpsites_modify_recent_posts_widget’, 100000); function wpsites_modify_recent_posts_widget($params) { $url = sanitize_text_field($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]); $last_word = basename($url); error_log(“last word = $last_word”); $tags_filter_by = array(‘who’,’what’,’when’,’where’,’why’,’how’); // only do for these pages if(in_array($last_word, $tags_filter_by) ){ //$params[‘tag’] = ‘bread,baking’; posts with any of these tags $params[‘tag’] = trim(strtolower($last_word)); error_log(“filtering to only show posts … Read more