SQL for use in migrating a Drupal website to WordPress

Currently I’m working on migrating a Drupal 7 website to WordPress, in the process I’ve learned alot about the Drupal database schema. So this post is a place for me to store handy queries and notes. Its a Work in Progress so I’ll add more over the coming weeks. Content types in Drupal are similar … Read more

Importing a MAMP mysql database on mac (OS X Yosemite)

How to import a MAMP mysql database (bypassing phpmyadmin problems) Recently I’ve being have a problem importing a large database in MAMP Mysql via phpmyadmin (and after altering various php variables in php.ini, I still couldn’t get it to import). So I tried another approach to import it from the command line a quick google … Read more

Handy Woocommerce SQL queries

This post is just a place to store handy SQL queries for Woocommerce. Get Order and all its information select p.ID as order_id, p.post_date, pm.* from wp_posts p join wp_postmeta pm on p.ID = pm.post_id join wp_woocommerce_order_items oi on p.ID = oi.order_id where post_type = ‘shop_order’ and p.ID = 14223 Generate an Orders report and … Read more