Installing SSL an cert on a LAMP Docker container (Apache)

This is a WIP / rough draft. In this post I’ll run over installing an SSL cert for a web server (Apache), that is running inside a docker container (the docker container is running on a Linux server AWS Amazon Linux EC2). to install certbot on amazon linux (see Jens Answer) once installed run: … Read more

Css Grids Cheatsheet

I’ve just started using grids. So this is just a handy place to store examples. Easy Table (with equal width columns) I’ve set it to be 3 columns ( grid-template-columns ) The first 3 divs are placed into columns 1,2,3. It then moves onto next line/row, and repeats this pattern. Quiz 1 Some blurb about … Read more

Setting up Docker containers with nginx to reverse proxy to multiple web servers

In this post I’ll show how to set up docker containers with nginx reverse proxying to 2 different web servers (apache and apache tomcat). All setup with one docker compose file. Very handy for running on one machine for development , to simulate what you might have running on multiple machines in your production environment. … Read more

Language learning tools and developing my own WordPress Duolingo Quiz plugin

update Check out the language learning plugin here. I’ve being learning Spanish for the last year or so, and as well as attending classes, I’ve been using some of the interactive tools out there that I’ve found useful. I’ve talk about developing my own WordPress quiz plugin with app like / responsive Duolingo like features, … Read more