Woocommerce – Add an Important Admin Note to the Order Report for Order pickers to view

In this article I’ll show you how to add an Important Admin Note to the Order Report, very useful if there’s some information you want to add for Order pickers to view. For instance maybe the item is fragile you can highlight this to the order picker.   This plugin allows you to enter an Admin note on … Read more

WordPress create admin reports using WP_List_Table

Wordpress create admin reports using WP_List_Table

In this post I’m going to discuss how to use WP_List_Table to create reports/tables/lists that are similar in style to the standard WordPress reports for Posts, Pages etc. To achieve this I’ll use the WP_List_Table core WordPress class, this contains the functionality to create said tables/reports. This example will look at the links table and … Read more

Hello World tutorial on Advanced Custom Field (ACF) WordPress Plugin

The Advanced Custom Field plugin is one of the most useful plugins for WordPress developers. In this quickstart guide I’ll show you why. Advanced Custom Field allows you to easily add a field (and save it) to a particular page, without having to write any programming code. To retrieve the field you have to add … Read more