Hello World microservice example in Java composed of API Gateway, Service, and Lookup (Eureka)

Introduction In this post I’ll run through a very simple Hello World Microservice example (in Java) that covers the main parts of a web type Micro Service. This example composes of: A REST Web Service A Lookup / Discovery system ( I’ve used Eureka ) A type of API Gateway / Web Server Just to … Read more

How to setup a log file in Spring Boot

This is a very short guide to get a log file setup for a Spring Boot Application. Spring uses Logback as its default logging system, and automatically logs to the console. To setup a log file in the resources folder of your app (where application.properties lives ), create a file called logback.xml  (copy / paste … Read more

Maven cheatsheet

Just a place for me to store handy bits and pieces. Having not used it for awhile to remind of things, I’ll likely to forget ! How to compile to different versions of Java ( see also https://mkyong.com/maven/maven-error-invalid-target-release-1-11/ ) <plugin> <artifactId>maven-compiler-plugin</artifactId> <version>3.8.1</version> <configuration> <source>11</source> <target>11</target> </configuration> </plugin> In the <build> section How to change the … Read more

Running Docker on AWS

Recently I wanted to use my Java Tomcat Docker image on AWS to run a spring boot app. I looked at the various ways of setting this up ECS (Elastic Container), and found it to be a load of hassle ( for what I needed , I don’t need Kubernetes style functionality , just a … Read more